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    Arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday. Carol is on a panel as well - meet the editors.
    Dave Clark
    Editor and Publisher, Positive Feedback


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      I will be there all day Friday and Saturday. Staying at a hotel about 4 miles away.

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        So far it looks like around eight people have indicated interest in breakfast meet ‘n’ greet. I’ve also spoken to a couple of people offline that might be coming too. So it looks like we’ll have around 10 memebers—and hopefully more—at Axpona.

        Let’s meet Saturday at 7:30 am in the hotel’s restaurant and we’ll save some seats and caffeine for those that struggle to get out of bed!
        Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
        Senior Editor,

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          Have room for 1 Hoosier, I will be at the show all three days. I went to last years breakfast GTG too.


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            Click image for larger version

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ID:	84915 I am ready.
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              Looking forward to hearing that played

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            Not going two friends are going to Munich wish I was but I can not get away .


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              I will be at Axpona all day Friday. A friend of mine is trying to qualify for the Minneapolis Supercross on Saturday. May leave Friday night for the opportunity to stand around the pits and act important(ha-ha)at US Bank Stadium.
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                See you all in a few hours!
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