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Axpona 2019 Wrap Up!

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    Nice write up Myles!

    If I may, a few more rooms that I felt sounded terrific: Avangartde, Magico (M2 - CH Precision), Bricasti w Tidal, and MBL. Also, very visible on the digital side, lots of Aurender servers. And, it was great to see a lot of vinyl setups.

    Laslty, good to see you, Andre and the folks that joined for breakfast on Saturday.


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      Great show report Myles (as usual)! Thank you.


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        I decided last minute to go to Axpona. I was on my way east to see friends and family so I fell out of the plane in Chicago. I had two days. Even trying to prepare during the plane trip looking at the vendor listing made it clear that three days wouldn’t be enough. My eyes crossed trying to do advance planning. I never went to the record room. It would have been pointless. The only room I wanted to get to was High Water Sound for a short listen and to say hi to Jeff Catalano. After that it was just a crap shoot. I covered perhaps 1/3 of the show without rushing through and hearing everything while hearing nothing. I can’t say enough about how easy it was getting around in halls and how uncrowded it felt. It was just relaxing and made you want to listen and talk to vendors I haven’t seen since the last Newport show several years ago. Myles’ recollection of the mid 90s Waldorf show is spot on regarding its size. But to me there is a major difference. The rooms at the Waldorf show were mediocre by comparison to Axpona. I can’t say that any room I visited there had bad sound. Audio equipment has come a long way.
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          very nice, myles.

          i wish you got to hear the mark porzilli designed laufer teknik "the note" speakers. they look intriguing, and by all accounts from those who heard them, they are outstanding. but, as you say, difficult to do it all.

          doug s.