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  • MylesBAstor
    UHA Ultima Series
    Tape Decks
    "The Audiophile Quality Tape Deck"
    See us at:
    UHA was at the very first CAF!
    Capital Audiofest 2019
    UHA will be in the

    The Legendary UHA After Hours Analog Tape Events Friday and Saturday 8pmtill past your bed time...

    Why would you want to listen to spinning discs with POPS and CLICKS AND INTER MODULATION DISTORTION, or DIGITALLY MANIPULATED MUSIC OF ZERO'S and ONES when the original recording was actually done to TAPE!



    Source = UHA Ultima4 OPS-DC Tape Deck &
    Lots Of Recording Studios Safety Master Tapes

    Speakers = The ESD Acoustic Crane Loudspeakers

    Amplification = - Aesthetix Metis preamp and Atlas Signature Monoblocks and Romulus Transport DAC

    Cables = - All signal and power cabling will be the New Synergistic Research Galileo SX Cables

    Here are some pictures to put you in the Audiophile mood!

    The Capital Audiofest 2019
    November 1-3 Rockville MD Hilton Washington DC/

    1750 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852, 301-468-1100

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  • MylesBAstor
    To members of the Audio Press attending the Capitol Audio Fest
    in Rockville, MD this weekend, November 1 to 3.
    Parasound will exhibit and demonstrate many of their most important products in rooms 560. 554, and 501 under the aegis of one of their top DC-area dealers, The Audio Hunters/The Vinyl Revivers of nearby Simpsonville, MD. Parasound will also be exhibiting in room 411 with the DC HiFi Group of Kensington, MD.
    Please stop by and check out the demonstrations.
    On hand will be Parasound's Joe Finn, the Regional Sales Manager/Marketing Manager who joined the company in June; Russell Katz, the Managing Owner of The Audio Hunters and The Vinyl Revivers; and an eager staff of Parasound reps and dealer personnel.
    In addition to Parasound products, rooms 554 and 560 will include NorStone stands and racks, which are now distributed by Parasound. The full product breakdown is provided below for your convenience.
    Enjoy the Show.

    Room 560 - The Audio Hunters/The Vinyl Revivers
    Parasound A21+ in Silver $3150

    Parasound JC2 BP in Silver $4495.
    Show special save $450 through 11/24/19
    Now Only $4045

    Parasound P7 demo in Silver
    Save $1300 on this one only.
    Regularly $2295 now only $995

    Parasound JC3 Jr. Phono stage $1495.
    Parasound New Classic 200 Integrated Amp $1195

    Thorens TD-148A fully automatic turntable $1999.99

    Pioneer UDP LX500 4K Universal Player $999.99

    Isotek EVO3 Sirius Power Conditioner $795

    Studio Electric M4 Speakers in Madagascar Mahogany $3500

    Optional Speakers
    Studio Electric FSX Version 2 Speakers $9,5000 -$11,500
    Studio Electric M4 Demo Speakers in Maple with grills
    "As is" Save $500 as is retail $3100 now only $2600 this pair only.

    NorStone Spider Base Amp Stand $340

    NorStone 4 shelf Esse Audio Rack $360
    Show special only $339 until 11/24/19

    NorStone NORSTY3BK 31” Speaker Stands $199.99
    Show special only $187.99 until 11/24/19
    Marshall 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator $349.00 (Shaped like a Marshall guitar.)

    Room 554 - The Audio Hunters/The Vinyl Revivers
    Parasound JC5 in Black $5995.00
    Show special SAVE $600 through 11/24/19
    Now only $5395.00

    Parasound JC3+ in Black $2995.00
    Show special SAVE $300 through 11/24/19
    Now only $2695.00

    Parasound P6 in Black $1495.00

    SOTA Comet series 4 in Walnut with Dust Cover, Sumiko Amethyst Cartridge, and Reflex Clamp $2654.
    Demo available for only $1999 at the end of the show
    Save $655

    Creek Evolution 100CD in Black $1995.
    Demo available for only $1596 at the end of the show
    Save $399.

    KEF Reference One Speakers with their matching stands $10,000 per pair
    NorStone Spider Base Amp Stand $340

    NorStone 4 shelf Esse Audio Rack $360
    Show special only $339 until 11/24/19

    NorStone NORSTY3BK 31” Speaker Stands $199.99
    Show special only $187.99 until 11/24/19

    Isotek EVO3 Polaris Power Conditioner $495

    Alternative Speakers
    KEF R11s in Walnut $5499.99 per pair
    KEF R7s in White Gloss $3999.99 per pair
    KEF R5s in Black Gloss $2999.99 per pair
    KEF R3s in Black Gloss $1999.99 per pair
    KEF Q950s in Linear Black $2119.96 per pair including optional grills

    KEF LS50Ws $2499 per pair.
    Show special $1799.99 through 1/2/20
    KEF LSXs $1250 per pair
    Show special $999.99 per pair through 1/2/20

    Evoke 50 in Black Gloss $5000 per pair
    Evoke Special Forty in Grey Birch Gloss $2999. per pair.

    Room 411 - The Audio Hunters/The Vinyl Revivers

    Gershman Acoustics Studio II Price $3595.00
    Gershman Acoustics Grand Studio II Price $11,995 per pair
    Gershman Acoustics Grand Avant Garde Price $13, 950

    Rega Brio Integrated Amp Price $995
    Parasound HINT6 in Black Price $2995.
    Accuphase E-270 Integrated Amp Price $5000
    Bel Canto e.One DAC 2.7 Price $2495
    Bel Canto e.One C5i Integrated Amp Price $1995.
    Bel Canto e.One Stream Network Streamer $1595.

    Rega RP1+ turntable in White Price $595 Save $120 Now only $475 while supplies last
    ProJect RPM 3 turntable in Black with Sumiko Blue Point Cartridge Price $999.99

    Oppo UDP-205 4K Universal Player $1299. For Display only. Not for sale.

    Lehmann Audio Black Cube SEII phono stage Price $1189.

    Room 501 - DC HiFi Group
    Parasound Zamp v.3, $350
    Parasound Zpre v.3 $450
    Parasound Zphono $200
    Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amp $999.99
    Audiolab 6000N Network Streamer $599.99
    Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport $499.99
    KLH Albany Speakers $478.99 per pair
    Dynaudio XEO 30 powered speakers $3599 per pair

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  • Gopher
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Name:	DSG-COLLAGE-312-page-001.jpg
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    Destination Sound / LampizatOr North America will have some very interesting things to show this weekend at CAF as well.

    Pictured above will be the world debut of the Audionec Evo 2 AS speakers, LampizatOr KT-150 amplifier and Final Touch Audio cables. The front end will be a LampizatOr Pacific and Super Komputer. Room 312 will be rocking!!

    In the Randolph Room we will have the World Debut of our LampizatOr Vinyl Phono 1 moving coil phono preamp. We will show this piece with a VPI Prime Signature using a Soundsmith Hyperion MKII ES cartridge. This room will also feature a Golden Gate 2 DAC and Super Komputer handling server detail with beautiful speakers from Daedalus Audio, electronics from Linear Tube Audio and cables by Wywires.

    In Room 414 we will present our Pacific DAC alongside the exquisite speakers from Kharma using Conrad Johnson electronics.

    We will also be presenting the world debut of our brand new Amber 3 DAC in the Gingko Audio room and Linear Tube Audio/Spatial Room.
    Attached Files

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  • MylesBAstor
    The Vinyl Revivers

    I'll have Dr. Feikert’s Volare turntable on display in room 558 with Sonner Audio’s Allegro Unum and Legato Unum speakers powered by Rogers High Fidelity’s KWM 88-Corona Integrated Amp and their PA-2 all tube phono preamp. We look forward to meeting many of you at the show.

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  • MylesBAstor
    This coming weekend, November 1 – 3, Alta Audio will feature its new Alec speaker in two rooms at Capital Audiofest.

    Alta will share a space with VPI Industries and Krell Audio in room 238 (Lessburg Audio) and in room 410 with Caprice Audio, KR Audio, ANTICABLES, and Resonessence Labs – Vertrieb.

    The new Alec was developed out of a company mission to design a floor standing speaker with a compact footprint (40 1/2”H x 15” W at the bottom x 8 1/2” W at the top x 12.5”D) that reproduces the detail, dimensionality, and feel of a live performance. Its two-way design creates a natural – and neutral – listening experience that accurately conveys the artist’s sonic vision.

    The original Alec release is attached. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Hope to see you at CAF!

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  • MylesBAstor
    Capital Audiofest 2019 MEDIA ALERT

    Audience to Exhibit T4 New adeptResponse Power Conditioner,
    New SATA Data Cable and Full Line of Cables at Capital Audiofest 2019

    At Capital Audiofest 2019 Audience will be exhibiting a wide selection of its acclaimed power conditioning solutions and cables including its new T4 adeptResponse power conditioner and the world premiere of its Hidden Treasure SATA data cable.

    The adeptResponse T4 AC power conditioner is upgraded from the company's previous TSSOX models. Available in 2, 6, and 12-outlet versions, the T4 now features the company's newly refined Aura-TR Teflon filter capacitors, designed to be the ultimate premium capacitors.

    The T4 adeptResponse power conditioner also incorporates Audience's Hidden Treasure duplex AC outlets, RF blocking crystals, the company's proprietary UHVP (ultra-high-voltage process) that improves electrical conductivity, and additional refinements. The sonic results are improved clarity, dynamics, imaging and spatial reproduction in a high-performance audio system.

    Capital Audiofest 2019 marks the world premiere of the new Hidden Treasure SATA (Serial AT Attachment) cable, designed as an upgrade for internal connections of music server/computer storage devices, solid-state and disk drives and other hardware.

    The new Hidden Treasure SATA cable provides better data transfer by reducing jitter and RF contamination, resulting in a lower noise floor and notably improved sound quality in audio components such as computer-based music systems. It can be easily installed as a DIY upgrade. The Hidden Treasure SATA cable is included in the new Wolf Audio Systems Alpha 3 SX music server which will be demonstrated in Room 319.

    In addition, a wide variety of Audience analog, digital, speaker and power cables, power conditioning and power distribution products will be on exhibit in the following rooms: Linear Tube Audio, room 526 and Tenacious Sound, rooms 315, 317 and 319. The Audience SATA cable will also be installed in all Wolf Audio Systems music servers, in rooms 317, 319, 504, 523 and the Madison room.

    We welcome you to audition these products and systems at Capital Audiofest 2019 in the Hilton Washington DC Hotel and Executive Meeting Center, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852-1699, November 1 - 3, 2019.

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  • MylesBAstor

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Name:	FB_IMG_1572366411547.jpg
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    If you are going to Capital Audiofest this weekend (Nov 1- 3) be sure to visit the conrad-johnson display in the 20/20 Evolution Systems room (Suite 414) to hear the debut demonstration of the ART27A amplifier (teamed with GATs2, TEA1s3, Kharma speakers, Kuzma analog front end). Jeff Fischel will be there to answer questions.

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  • jonathanb
    commented on 's reply
    No expense spared for that graphic. 🙄

  • MylesBAstor
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  • MylesBAstor
    Capital Audiofest will be showing select scenes from "Anacostia Delta, a documentary film honoring the past and showcasing the present of the unique Washington DC music scene — a hugely influential, virtuosic melting pot that flourished in the city and southern Prince George's County, and which still thrives today. From the producers & director of the award winning 2009 PBS documentary Barnstorming."

    Saturday Nov 2nd at 8:30 in the auditorium: Hope to see you there!

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  • MylesBAstor
    started a topic Show Sneak Peeks!

    Show Sneak Peeks!

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    A Major Event at Robyatt Audio, coming to Capital Audiofest:

    Audio mastering and restoration engineer Tom Fine will play back an upcoming meticulous Mercury Living Presence re-issue, as well as a currently available reissue of a seminal Janos Starker recording. Mr. Fine, son of Mercury Living Presence producer Wilma Cozart Fine and recording engineer C. Robert Fine, will give a brief history of his parents' work and his extensive work, along with vinyl mastering engineer Ryan K. Smith and Analogue Productions owner Chad Kassem, to bring these amazing recordings back to life.

    The recordings:

    3rd movement of the Dvorak Cello Concerto (Janos Starker, cello; London Symphony Orchestra; Antal Dorati, conductor) and the beginning of the Bach Suite No. 1 for Solo Cello (Janos Starker, cello).

    The times:

    Saturday November 2nd at 2:00PM

    Sunday November 3rd at 11:00AM

    Get there early, the room will be overflowing.

    Exclusively at the Robyatt Audio show room in the Democracy Suite.

    Show tickets available on the website: