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    Portland, Oregon - May 2016

    Blue Light Audio, the North American Distributor for darTZeel, Evolution Acoustics and Wave Kinetics, will team up with Alma Music and Audio, San Diego's most innovative audio dealer, to present some incredible World Premiers at the upcoming T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach on June 3rd - 5th at the Hotel Irvine in the Quail Hill room.

    Evolution Acoustics' Jonathan Tinn and Kevin Malmgren will present their newest addition to the highly acclaimed MM Series of loudspeakers... the MMThreeEXACT. Evolution Acoustics MMTwo and MMThree loudspeakers transport you into the breathtaking realm of natural music: less hi-fi, less reproduced, less processed; more immediate, more unconstrained by technical limitations, more real. The MMExact line takes this journey to the outer limits of sonic possibilities, delivering much higher emotional content. This is done, not by added tonal warmth or artifacts, but by allowing the signal to be fully rendered, keeping it absolutely pure and completely faithful to the artistry of the original event. Evolution Acoustics wants you to experience your music in ways you never thought possible; from the discovery of subtle-nuances previously unheard, to rich and boundless soulful expressions resonating to your core.

    The Evolution Acoustics MMThreeEXACT loudspeakers will be driven by the unmatched sonics of the legendary darTZeel NHB-458 Monoblock Amplifiers and newest generation of the darTZeel NHB-18 NS Preamplifier with built in Reference Phonostage. For one of the analog sources, Wave Kinetics will provide the most speed accurate and speed consistent turntable system available... the NVS Reference Direct Drive. It will come with Durand Tonearms' latest offering, featuring a breakthrough in composite armwand technology... the Kairos tonearm. Mounted on the Durand Tonearms' Kairos tonearm will be Ortofon's top of the line moving coil MC-Anna reference cartridge.

    For the next analog source, Analog Audio Inc., one of the leading providers of "everything analog tape related", will provide a 1/4" 2 track reel to reel tape machine along with some of the most incredible master tapes for your listening pleasure.

    The room would not be complete without a digital offering. A new company, Talea Audio, will present their prototype Digital to Analog converter... the Athanor. It will do all PCM formats as well as all DSD formats. Be among the first to see and hear this new digital masterpiece.

    KLAUDiO, the company known for it's expertise in ultrasonic record cleaning will be providing their Record Cleaning Machine along with their Silencer. Come by for a surprise introduction to their already wonderful lineup of products.

    On hand in the room will be the following representatives:

    Alexandre Siufy - Alma Music and Audio
    Jonathan Tinn - Blue Light Audio, darTZeel, Evolution Acoustics, Talea Audio and Wave Kinetics
    Kevin Malmgren - Evolution Acoustics
    Joel Durand - Durand Tonearms and Talea Audio
    Leslie Brooks - Analog Audio Inc.
    Din Johnson - Ristretto Roasters
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    Best Regards,

    Jonathan Tinn
    Blue Light Audio
    darTZeel - Importer
    Evolution Acoustics - Co-Owner / Founder
    Playback Designs - Co-Founder
    Wave Kinetics - Co-Owner / Co-Founder
    Wave Kinetics Records - Co-Owner / Co-Founder

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    Jonathan- did I miss it, but the coffee roaster-- what's he doing?


    • Jtinn
      Jtinn commented
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      He will be roasting coffee!

      It is incredible coffee. Are you going to be able to come by?

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    Thanks for the invite- I'd love to hear some of this gear, and Alex, who is hosting, is an animal when it comes to old progressive rock- something that I developed an interest in; much as I'd love to come, met, and listen, I'm not traveling much right now. I love good coffee. Have fun. And tell Alex it's "Vinyl," not "Vinyls"!!!!


    • Jtinn
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      That is what I am afraid of I love it as well, but the majority of those attending might not.

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    Hey Bill!

    Thanks for the compliment I *will* try to sneak in some mad prog past Jonathan... hehehe

    And thanks for the "vinyls" thing, it's our marketing agency that can't spell (and me that didn't proofread their text).

    This room should be insanely good. Can't wait!!!
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