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FS: BAT phono and BAT preamp

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  • FS: BAT phono and BAT preamp

    THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD. BAT VK-P10se phono in 9/10 condition. This was in my mono system and has seen little use. It was purchased new less than a year ago (11-15) from music direct. I am the only owner. It comes with everything a new one does plus an entire extra set of tubes, and several (7) extra pairs of resistors for fine tuning in the loading. Stock options are 100,1000, 10K and 47k. I also will add 22, 47.5, 150, 180, 230, 390, & 470 ohm resistors. The tubes in it now are around 4 months old, the others came in it when new. Probably 2-3 years worth of heavy use between them. Price is $4250.00 and I will cover PP fees and lower 48 fedex ground shipping. All black color

    NO LONGER FOR SALE. BAT VK-52se preamp in 8/10 condition only because of age. I am second owner and it looks and functions great. Also two sets of tubes with this. Ay my price I don't know where you find another tube preamp better. Its quiet, reliable, and sounds great! $4100.00. We can work on PP and shipping depending where you are. Local pick up in N. Virginia would be great.

    THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD. Kubala/Sosna Anticipation Balanced XLR 8M cables. These were part of my deal with my new speakers. If your looking for affordable long balanced cables, here you go. They list for $400 for 1M. $700.00 gets these. Buyer pays PP fees and I will cover shipping. 9/10 condition.

    Also have a VPI Scout JR. (red) with both xlr and rca junction boxes. less than 50 hours use. Bought new by me, only owner. 9/10 Make offer

    Rega RP1 union jack w/performance pack upgrades belt and wool mat. Has Bias 2 cartridge, less than 25 hours on table. Bought new, I am only owner. Also comes with two platters. The new design and a nice glass platter. 9/10 make offer

    Pro-Ject phonobox RS 9/10 this was bought new and was $1000.00 selling for $600. I am only owner. It is close to the Parasound JC3+ and IMO equal to, or better than the Arye P-5xe. Both I've owned. It also has XLR in and out , and can run two arms (one rca and one xlr) All controls on front.

    every thing for sale comes packed in all original shipping boxes, with all original manuals and remotes or whatever came with them new.

    I'm set on my prices. Best to contact me email, [email protected] I have close to 15 years of steady and all positive feedback on audiogon.

    If interested I'll attach pictures when I reply to your email. Thank you
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