Posted for Jonathan Horwich! Contact Jonathan at [email protected] if interested.

Dear All,

We have a Sony 500 series machine here for sale that was just redone from the ground up, no holds barred.

We actually did two machines. But I now have 3 Sony APRs plus 2 spares ones. Yes. So I don’t need a fourth Sony for Pete’s sake.

This machine for sale belonged to Nick Doshi and was what he used to voice his well known headamp. He is the one who originally told me the Sony was a great sounding machine.

It has become my favorite because of the sound, not to mention I can lift is enough to move it around if need be.

This machine is unplayed since restoration and was just done. It has custom cards, a separate power supply so the power supply isn’t in the machine heating it up and interfering with the sound.

Please also note this is just like the machine I use at Chicago Axpona with Magico in their room. Alon will not let me use any other machine.

Cost is $6500.00 without crates or shipping. I have a crate for both the main machine and for the stand if they are wanted for shipping. The crates are works of art.

This is a very very fair price for such a machine. I make NO profit at all on this. None. That is what it cost to buy from Nick and restore from the ground up here with my tech guy, who is the best tape tech I have ever known.

If you are seriously interested, then I’ll answer any questions.