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Avalon Eidelon Diamonds in walnut burl

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  • Avalon Eidelon Diamonds in walnut burl

    I have a beautiful pair of Eidelon Diamonds. I am the second owner, having bought them in 2003.
    They are in excellent condition except for the flaw at the bottom of the one details the marking, which is only visible form close up.
    Original crates, footers, owner's manual, etc... Option for removing screen and running with felt and bracket..see photos.
    Extremely revealing, and with proper set-up and ancillary equipment, musical speaker.

    I have moved to the Avalon Times.

    Many great articles and discussions on the websites.
    Avalon Time, Walker Proscenium, Koetsu Coralstone, Air Tight PC-1 Supreme, Goldfinger Statement, Dalby record weight, Kondo KSL-SFz step-up, Jadis JP80-MC...heavily modified, Convergent Audio JL-2 Black Path, Sony NS999 ES Modwright modded, full loom High Fidelity Ultimate cables, Rel S-5 sub, Stillpoints ultra and 5's, Shun Mook, Dalby footers, Critical Mass bases, Acoustic System Resonators, Magnum Dynalab Etude, Telefunkens throughout, assorted fuses, Furutech outlets, PurePower conditioner.