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  • Technics SP-10 MkIII

    Hi I am selling my Technics SP-10Mk3 that has been completely rebuilt in Japan with all new and top grade electrolytic caps, new variable pots, all new solder joints both in controller and motor assembly, and precisely calibrated for perfect operation. It works flawlessly with a Japanese 100VAC step down transformer for US use. The plinth in the photos is SOLD. No tonearm, LP, weight, nor cartridge are included. The turntable has few minor marks and scratches on aluminum top section but nothing major.

    The turntable will be shipped with the platter will be removed, and packed with the controller, and the transformer in a separate box. My guess for the shipment weight is around 70 lbs.

    My price for the turntable is $8,500 plus actual shipping from Seattle area. I'll accept a personal check (shipment after clearance).

    If you have any questions, I would be happy answer.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	2 Size:	1.60 MB ID:	49680Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	1.64 MB ID:	49681
    Thanks for looking, Ki
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    Last edited by Ki Choi; 03-28-2018, 12:15 AM. Reason: Sold the plinth. Just the turntable, controller and step down transformer for sale

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    Looks beautiful Ki. Too bad your selling it. I'm sure it will go fast.
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      Now that is a work of art!! Should have contacted me before I bought that BMW........!!


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        Absolutely beautiful. I wish you were in Australia :-) Why are you selling after all that time and effort spent?

        How does the Technics sound compared to the NVS turntable?


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          Originally posted by Metamatic
          Absolutely beautiful. I wish you were in Australia :-) Why are you selling after all that time and effort spent?

          How does the Technics sound compared to the NVS turntable?
          Indeed Ki.... Inquiring minds want to know...Tempting offer for this spinner.
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            Beautiful rig. Jap Direct drive eg Technics, Denon an issue because the rest of the world collectors' such as those in Australia don't like using step-down transformers. When it came to Jap export, 230v ruled the world. Japan ruled that electronic era, not USA, not Tawain. Certainly the best was built for the domestic 100v Japanese market, but that voltage is too hot for the rest of the world including USA. Some common manufacture was juiced from the factory for EU and international markets and that is what collectors want. In that day, post WWII & US occupational influence did encourage "Japan First". History has a tendency to repeat its irony wouldn't you say....

            Certainly a fabulous vintage restoration rig if if you are prepared to step-down your native voltage.
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              Ki, thats a head turner and priced right. GLWS!


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                Originally posted by Ki Choi

                I can't tell a lie. I have another Technics SP-10 Mk III at the Windsong with Chris trying to design his very first SP-10 Mk III plinth that will be the "best." The other reason for sale is that I started collection of vintage turntables and having the AF plinth with two tonearm setup made the whole turntable too heavy for my bad back. It wasn't getting the use. The Windsong plinth will be single 12" SME mount configuration and hopefully I will be able to lift and move it around.

                Being direct drive designs for both NVS and SP-10 Mk III, I haven't compared the two side by side with same playback conditions. Other than having to screw down the puck on NVS, both operates and sounds very similar to my ears with complete silence from the motors (unlike even the best rim drives...). I played the SP-10 MKIII with Nottingham 12" Anna tonearm and Denon 103R variant for Gary Koh once. Gary thought it sounded very good with live feel. Maybe I'll move the Anna arm to NVS and have Gary give it a listen again someday.

                Thanks for your reply. Now this makes sense. Please do post when you and Chris complete the ultimate SP-10mk3. Should be awesome.

                Nice to hear the NVS and mk3 are more alike than different.



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                  Come on Rockitman he dropped the price and you a more turntables than brains kind of guy whats one more.


                  • Metamatic
                    Metamatic commented
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                    He just spent 6 figures on a new turntable, don't believe he is in the market.

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                  Absolute bargain if you live in the US. This will beat 99% of all turntable out there.


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                    So nice. Wish it was a good time for me because I would love to have it. Launching a new to N.A. cartridge brand and so forth. If it for some crazy reason is still around in a month let me know 😀
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