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For Sale: VPI 12" 3D Tonearm and 12" VTA Base Tower - Brand New

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  • For Sale: VPI 12" 3D Tonearm and 12" VTA Base Tower - Brand New

    I have to continue to dismantle my system due to medical bills. I have a Brand New, never used VPI 12" 3D Tonearm and associated 12" VTA Tower Base. It was purchased from an authorized VPI dealer earlier this year with the intention of having a mono setup on my Avenger turntable. It is the latest 12" 3d current model. I never ended being able to do that financially, so it was never setup or used. It is a great option for replacing older JMW arms on tables such as the TNT, Aries, HRX, etc. or as a second setup (or 3rd setup) on a VPI Avenger. I'm offering it to Audionirvana members first for a few days before I listed it on Audiomart and other forums. I will ship it in the VPI packaging and foam cutouts for both the arm base and tonearm (just ordered from VPI and should arrive end of this week), so it will deliver to the prospective buyer safely.

    Retail: $4100 ($2500 for 12" 3D tonearm, $1600 for 12" arm base VTA tower)
    Price: $2300 shipped (plus 3% paypal if not doing friends/family)

    Here are the specs for the tonearm:
    VPI JMW 12 3D

    Pivot to spindle: 300 mm
    Effective length: 313.0 mm
    Effective mass: 10.5g.
    Overhang: 13mm
    Offset angle: 17.37 degrees
    Average RMS distortion: 0.311%

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    GLWS! Terrific deal on a very nice arm.

    I hope for you and yours good health.



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      Thanks Mike!

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