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  • My Very Revised System

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    Being pretty much isolated as everyone else in the NY Metropolitan Area, I thought it was a good time to revise my signature and introduce my recently revised system. There were two things that motivated these changes. Number one was visiting with Ze-ev of Pure Audio Project over a period of four years. Second was building an ELEKIT TU-8600 300B for my second system. I am totally smitten by the 300B sound.

    The PAP Quintets are just awesome. The sound stage is amazing. I made the choice of the Voxative version after several on-line conversations with Harry Weisman of VPI. As far as the amp, Cary has been offering this model for almost 30 years. It has a tad more power than many 300B integrateds. Even with the quite efficient PAPs, I thought it would be nice to have a little more headroom. Ze-ev and I actually discussed running them with the 3 1/2 amp Bottlehead Stereomour. His idea and some of his promo pictures include the Stereomour.

    After some months of break-in with the stock tubes, I felt I could be doing a lot better. First I replaced the pre-amp 6SN7 with one I had bought from Brent Jesse for my Bottlehead Crack. A big improvement. I then bought some matched 6SN7s from him for the drivers. An even bigger improvement. Finally I started researching current production 300Bs. Settled on the pretty expensive new ones made for AudioNote by Psvane. 300B Nirvana!!!!

    One other big change was the phono pre. The Musical Fidelity M6 is not very heavily sold in the USA, but the UK HiFi press has some very nice reviews. It allows you to set-up as many as three carts and remembers the individual settings for each.

    I'm really delighted about all these moves and purchases especially during this time of isolation. Makes staying in a lot more tolerable.

    Hang tough everybody and don't forget to wash your hands,

    Main System:Thales Compact Turntable and Thales Simplicity Tonearm, Ortofon A95, Musical FidelityM6 Vinyl Phono Stage, Vinyl Nirvana TD160 Super with Jelco 850 Tonearm, Ortofon Quintet Mono, Cambridge Azur Universal Disc Player, Blusound Vault 2i, Apple Airport Express, Mytek Liberty DAC, Cary Audio CAD-300SEI (All tubes rolled),Pure Audio Project Quintet 15s with Voxative AC-PiFe, Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones, PS Audio PP12.

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    Wonderful set up. Good gracious. Did you mean you chose the Voxative over the other optional horn midrange? If so what was your reason?


    • adeep42
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      Thanks for the kind words. As I mentioned, I asked Harry W. about the choices since I knew he had both. He felt the horns were good for Rock and "hard hitting music", the Voxatives best for jazz and classical. I listen to a wide variety of genres and decided the slightly more expensive Voxative AC-PiFEs would be my choice. The horns do make for a very cool look.

    • jonathanhorwich
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      Thank you adeep42. I get it. So far I've only heard one horn or horn type speaker that sounded fantastic and free of coloration (Horning Eufrodite's) so I get Harry's preference and now yours. Truly impressive system.

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      Very nice rig. The PAPs were the topic of conversation elsewhere this past week and they are the most impressive looking, and by accounts sounding, open baffle speakers out there & by today's standards a bargain. Congrats.
      "I'm...a rather simple person with a limited talent and perhaps a limited perspective"...Bill Evans

      LP playback: Ariston RD 11 Superieur, Audiomods Series 6 Tonearm, Dynavector DV DRT XV-1s, Valab LCR MkIII, Target wall-mounted turntable shelf

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      Speakers: B&W Nautilus 805 on sand-filled Atacama stands

      Cabling: Audio Sensibility Statement SE (ics), Audio Sensibility Testaments (spkr)


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