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    I always walk around with a wad of cash, you never know when some homeless guy will be on a street corner hawking a mint orig, 1S pines of rome for $50 (okay, that never happens).

    If I go to Little Saigon, K-town or any of the Asian boroughs leave the amex at home cash is king. Many if not most indy used record stores only accept cash on certain records (esp if you want a better price). The monthly record show? cash only. If I'm out socially and we go dutch? I much rather have cash, others at the table often fight for mine and put the whole thing on their plastic. frivolous purchases I can't write off? cash.

    only downside to cash it takes longer to checkout and you always have leftover coins you don't know what to do with, but I never spend more than whats in my pocket! My one observation is that people have forgotten how to count change, its unbelieveable how many times I've given a $20 bill and say, two dimes to a store clerk that gets befuddled on what to give back on an $18.19 purchase. automation has removed the need to think on the job...its scary actually.
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      My favorite invention - the iPod.
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        Mel Brooks says Saran Wrap. Who am I to argue?


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          I would put my money on the alphabet (if this can be considered an invention). The transistor would be runner up.


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            Innovation or Invention . . .

            It feels like a lot of the things being discussed in this thread are great innovations but not necessarily inventions. Things like the internet, smart phones, iPods, and even ATMs are all great innovations that have changed our lives in profound ways. But each one isn't necessarily an invention. They're made up of many, many pieces that may be inventions. Perhaps I'm just being pedantic since I know a thing or two about patents and how our legal system defines invention. Or maybe I'm just cranky due to the unusually hot weather we're having in the SF bay area.

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              the string bikini and really fit women
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                LOL! Not to mention depilatories, razors and waxing.

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              Originally posted by Per Sundell View Post
              Oh I would say agriculture!
              I read an interesting article where it pointed out that agriculture was really wheat domesticating humanity for its benefit, rather than the other way around. Wheat got us to take care of it and spread it wherever we went and where it needed o be to go.
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              Wish someone would hurry up and get "on" with making it--

              The Teflon Toilet Bowl




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                Sanitation, hands down the greatest invention ever.