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Is There a Parallel Between Photography and Music?

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  • Is There a Parallel Between Photography and Music?

    Couldn't resist!

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    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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    I commented elsewhere; anyone who got 6 awesome photos from either 12 or 36 was a fantastic photographer!! Also while many look at digital and see only the discards remember that it's only the keepers that count. Digital allows us to not sit around waiting for "the right moment" I remember passing up some opportunities, especially underwater, thinking I would get a better opportunity later. With digital you don't need to worry about that. Just snap some pictures whenever you wish and cull later. It does make workflow a bit more of a pain but results are similar.
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      Yes, of course you are right! I was joking about that increasing the amount of time from say 25 mins on an LP to over 60 mins on a CD to ? time on a digital file hasn't improved the number of good songs on an album.

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    First RMAF I went to I swear I was the only one their without a camera.


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      After 40 years in the photo industry, I can say that there are surely similarities, especially when you look at the people who use the higher end gear in either. I used to love listening to people argue Nikon versus Canon, or something like that, and I'd pull out my 4x5 view or my 6x9 press camera. I was never a professional photographer however, I was from the technical side of the industry. High end these days? Check out a Phase1 camera. or a 50+ megapixel back on a Hasselblad.
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        Phase One has the 100MP Back currently



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          Phase 1 are the state of the art. Years ago we did demos our best large format (24 x 36 inch) C print laser printers (RA4 process) using Phsse1 images. Kind of like demoing a high end audio system with an original master tape.

          Whereas I prefer analog to digital in audio, I wouldn't go back to film these days. Eyesight works differently than hearing, and is naturally much more adaptable, so the issues in high end digital photography aren't an issue like they are in audio.