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  • Adapting to Life in Texas-

    Some people, particularly those back East, ask "How can a NY'er adapt to Texas?" I don't know about others; perhaps for me, it was easy because I was at a stage in my life where I didn't need or want the buzz of the big city any more. Learning to talk Texan is a whole other thing, though. A friend is flying in from LA to visit this week and asked if I had acquired an accent. I sent him a link to this video. Sort of self-explainin'

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    Haha come on now, aren’t you in Austin? That’s just barely Texas!


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      Peoples Republic of Texas (a la Berkeley)

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    yeah, but can you find gefilte fish or a decent bagel? Personally, id die an early death in Austin from BBQ brisket induced over-dose.

    "One of the great challenges of this world: Knowing enough about a subject to think you are right, but not enough about the subject to know you're wrong" - Neil deGrasse Tyson


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      Isnt Austin the live music capitol of the world or something like that?
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        Jtycho Yes, but the spirit is still here. I actually like rednecks and good ol boys more than the recherché effete mocha latte crowd. Rob it's not like i eat jewish food all the time (oy, I'm jewish, don't bust me, please), but like the guy at Walden's Pond, it's nice to know it's there. It ain't here. I went crazy at Sherman's Deli in Palm Springs a couple months ago when we were there-
        I get my fix here at...wait for it... Russia House. (Eastern European is same same)
        JCOConnell we've got some killer players here who can't make a living and a million more. The focus on live music leaves little room for music business infrastructure beyond the venues.


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          I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and if you don't know Maryland and the Eastern Shore you are in for a real difference.

          There are parts of the Eastern Shore of Maryland where you cannot understand what people are saying. This is particularly true for the lower western shore. Places near Crisfield, MD are of great interest. The watermen in some of these small towns are a real education.

          Anyway, after I lived on the shore for a few years I started speaking with a pronounced drawl. My language was slower and everything I did took longer. To tell the truth, I loved it.

          I lived in West Ocean City, MD for 10 years and they were some of the best years of my life. I still have the southern drawl in my speech. That plus the slower pace of life on the shore came natural to me. To people from other parts of the country it sounds amusing but when you get used to the speech there and you hear the language of city people, you find it too fast and offensive.

          City people treat each other rudely and they dismiss each other too quickly. It is not a good way to live.

          Good luck with your life in Texas. You will likely find yourself adapting to the Texas speech. It will become natural.

          Have a great life there,
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            Thanks Ed. I'm glad regional dialects remain. I grew up in Pittsburgh which, to me, had this awful, twangy inflection and its own language. I did my best to get rid of what I had, but I can hear it immediately.
            I'm not twangin' yet. One of the things that surprised me is that some Texans talk real fast. I figured that was a city NE thing, but it ain't.
            My wife, on the other hand, born and lived in NY all her life, is twangin' with the best of 'em. She works in town and encounters people all the time, often in the context of dealing with contractors, city government, etc. I think part of it is unconscious, one just slides into a groove to make communication more sympatico. I dig Texas (despite the truth that Austin is Texas lite in many respects). I'm also an avid collector of Texanisms. I share some of these with Albert Porter, a life long Texan, who gets a giggle out of some of them, and often provides me with more.

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            You can't drive 100 miles in any direction in the US without the accent changing. The reality is, it's even less than 100 miles.

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          I have lived my entire life between Long Island and Philly (south Jersey now). I happen to love mid-westerners after working with them for so long but I can’t ever see myself leaving the east coast. I don’t want to go south since it is warmer. I don’t want to inch back towards NY since it is more expensive.
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          • Bill Hart
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            It's all trade-offs. I'm happy to suffer the heat of summer (and it can be 'real' hot here) for no winter. But, that's kind of a personal choice, no right or wrong. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and moved to NYC in 1981. Loved it. Our life there was great, but cost of living is very high where we were. I'm not quite at the point where I can forego all the material stuff (e.g. stereo, record collection, etc.) but as I skinny down (at least in material goods) as I get older, I'm up for living in different places. Europa was a goal a few years ago, but there's a fair amount of turmoil there (without getting into the politics of it). I'm also traveling a lot less than I used to; I do want to go to the Far East for several reasons, and while there, visit NZ, AUS and a few other places. I could, theoretically, teach abroad, something that wouldn't be about the money but would give me some anchor to what I know. It's all an adventure at this point. Sadly, I think by the time you get to the point where you have the time and a little money to do this, at least in my case, I have less stamina for the long hours of travel and the wear and tear of it.

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          Fall has finally arrived to North Texas. Don't care for it; to ease the pain, got a pot of chili bubbling away on the cooktop, the chimney sweep just finished up, and I put one of those Integrity Tru-Sweep anti-static brushes in place on my turntable. The thing tracks perfectly. It has been faultless while the music plays, yet, still get some lightning pulling the record off when its done playing.


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            Originally posted by seamonster View Post
            Fall has finally arrived to North Texas. Don't care for it; to ease the pain, got a pot of chili bubbling away on the cooktop, the chimney sweep just finished up, and I put one of those Integrity Tru-Sweep anti-static brushes in place on my turntable. The thing tracks perfectly. It has been faultless while the music plays, yet, still get some lightning pulling the record off when its done playing.
            Mmmmm, a good pot of chili sounds good! I too have issues with some light crackles when taking off an LP. Not too bad and not terribly frequent, but there none the less. I had a chance to audition the DS Audio Ionizer for about 10 days. Not one pop or crackle the entire time it was in place. I ordered one.
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              The chili is excellent. In addition to my usual ancho and chipotle blend, I put in some coffee chili powder, which made it a bit brown in color. Went well with the chuck roast I cubed. My wife and I both like heretical beans in our chili.
              That Ionizer is pricey! Did it cause any extra dust to fall in its vicinity? I may pull out an old Merrill cork and rubber mat I have tucked away. I seem to remember less static while using that.

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              The chili sounds even more delicious now! I didn't notice any extra dust in the short time I used it. I've kind of comes to terms with the fact that very little of what I like is NOT pricey. :-)

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            I've been relishing the cool weather, a welcome break from what seemed like a long hot summer. It was pretty cold the last couple nights, at least by Austin standards--the heat actually kicked in a couple times with a setting of 66F. Now I can walk, which I enjoy. F1 craziness this weekend, though town didn't seem too bad today. I dig it here. Peeps real nice.


            • seamonster
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              Woke up to 65° in the house yesterday. Timed the chimney sweep perfectly; the hearth is a fine place to stow a rambunctious cat.