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Can't wait to get my listening room back!

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  • Can't wait to get my listening room back!

    I live in your average 3-bedroom house and have a make-shift audio room in an unfinished basement. I've taken great care in trying to obtain good sound in this sectioned off part and I think I've accomplished that. It may not be the most visually appealing space, but once the music starts that matters none. Sadly I've not had the pleasure of enjoying my music in that dedicated space for several months now, but that is about to come to an end.

    Back in May my mother came to visit and being the good son that I am, I offered her the use of my bedroom. I emptied much of what I had and brought it downstairs into the audio room, as that was where I would now be sleeping. It could not be put elsewhere as we're storing personal belongings from other family members and there is just no room left. Thankfully, arrangements are being made to ship all of this later this summer/early Fall, but it didn't help me in the meantime. Once this is gone we can finally start planning to finish the basement properly.

    Anyway, my Mom is leaving this coming Monday, and while I've enjoyed her company and love her dearly, I can't wait to get my listening room back! I've got about 20 new albums to get at and many others bought prior to this that I only listened to once or twice perhaps.

    I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!
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    John- I had an uncle in LA who had a house with one bedroom. At the time, starting back in the '70s, I didn't really get it. (It wasn't really that small a house). Now I get it.
    Our house is like a country inn. We seem to always have visitors. It doesn't really bother me- in fact, it is an excuse for me to hole up on the third floor, where all my "stuff" is.
    The only thing that makes me crazy- I'm a little compulsive on the cleaning side. I mean, the sink has to be spotless at all times. I won't mention which relative left a half eaten banana on my kitchen counter once.
    There is a reason why God invented hotels. No diss to moms.


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      My old man used to say that company is like fish. After a few days, they start to stink.
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        See there's one advantage of having a one bedroom apt. in Manhattan! No guests!
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          So Mom departed Calgary and landed safely at Schiphol, Amsterdam where she was picked up by my cousin for the drive south to her hometown of Tilburg, Noord-Brabant. We had a great visit.

          This means I have my audio room back and I spent the day on Monday to reposition everything. By Tuesday midday I had the speakers back in their final position, although I might need to make some final small adjustments. Before spinning some of the new vinyl I put them through my normal cleaning regimen (Spin-Clean & NG2.5Fi) and was able to get 6 of them done. Then it happened! .........the rubber flywheel on my NG broke off!

          At least I have the Spin-Clean to do an initial cleaning for the others. The NG will have to be repaired as I can't and won't do without it. I've sent an email to NG to inquire about a replacement kit and also a factory tune-up. It's not the end of the world, but certainly an expense I don't need. It would have been really nice if I were a DIYer, but I'm not. All things electronic, electrical and technical are beyond my comprehension.

          The main thing is I'm back to playing tunes and that makes me happy!
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            Happy to hear you're back to spinning black circle, Johnny!
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