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I'm stocked up for tonight! (Debate)

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  • I'm stocked up for tonight! (Debate)

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    Good thing it doesn't have you drink every time Trump lies or you wouldn't make it past the first half hour.
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      If I drink every time either one of them lies, I'm going to need a bigger bottle.
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      • rbbert
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        Although pretty much all non-partisan fact checking organizations have her lying only about 20-25% as often as Trump

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      problem is they dont really lie, they just tell misleading half truths
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      • mkuller
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        Nah, Trump actually lies - a lot. In fact, the fact-checker score was Trump 16 lies, Hillary 0.

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      I've had a little gastric upset the last few days so I'll avoid watching, not fond of either. Like most elections of the past half century it's not deciding who is the best choice but rather who is the least bad choice.


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        I'm planning on some serious listening tonight. Watching our future leader, whichever of them it might be, won't make me know until I fill in my ballot which one I don't want more.☹️
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          Regardless of which candidate each of us are for, speaking strongly for or against one or the other will alienate approximately 40% of the public. At least from what I gather from recent polls.

          Me, I would rather discuss who's the greatest Jazz pianist or best rock and roll drummer than make a fellow music lover angry.


          • siddh
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            Greatest jazz pianist? Best rock drummer? Them really open to some serious frighten'.

          • mkuller
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            Best rock drummer? Everyone knows it's Ringo.

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          I watched football.


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          This year's presidential election has to be the worst pair of candidates ever, However politically cynical (or not) one is it's hard to deny that.
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            Saw a bumper sticker in my 'hood the other week---GIANT METEOR 2016!

            Non-political disclaimer: nothing of substance is intended by this remark.


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              No matter who wins this debate or the election. America loses with these two. Now on to something a whole lot better, anyone have a great recipe for sauteed mushrooms
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                Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
                problem is they dont really lie, they just tell misleading half truths
                That just means the fact checker lied too.
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                  I'm kinda surprised this thread was started and wish it had not.


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                    Originally posted by tima View Post
                    I'm kinda surprised this thread was started and wish it had not.
                    On Facebook or some other discussion sites I would join in, but I agree, and hope that this place will remain politics free.
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                      For the next one I can provide a debate free zone. A haven of music and cute cuddly stuffed animals!!. Come on over and I guarantee there will be no debate on the TV and as little political discussion of politics as practical. I cannot guarantee that there will not be arguments over which LP to play next, however! I can provide several types of adult beverages but i will only give the good stuff to those displaying the worst withdrawal symptoms.
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