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  • How to post pics?

    To post them is not a problem really but how do I get them big and tasty instead that small thumbnail?

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    Once you have uploaded your picture and before pressing POST REPLY you have the option to select size. Do you not see that option?
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      Here's a quick rundown on the process of posting images since several members have had issues.. There are three ways of posting but two are much easier in most
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        Or, use a photo editor to resize. This is normal Web engagement in the modern world.

        i prefer to keep photos that I take on a server, then use an address to point at them rather than turning over ownership by uploading.


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          Thanks for your hints. I´ll try them out!


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            Click image for larger version  Name:	Nipper variations.jpg Views:	1 Size:	174.8 KB ID:	33082 Seems to work fine. I used the camera button to the upper left. That was clearly not right. Stupid me! Thanks all!


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              The button to the left doesn't seem to give you size options. The button to the right does. However, the "large" format category is really large-forget full size-unless you resize the image first (easy enough to do on my laptop's built in image preview tools ala Mac).
              I like the size--big- that I get from linking to a photo from my photo bucket account, which (i think) is what Tima mentioned. I think it also takes up less bandwidth on Myles server since it isn't really being hosted here.
              See example in next post.


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                  Immediately causing me to think of Bartok and his famous "night music" - a sound portrayal he often used in slower movements. Instead of harmony and melodic development, Bartók delivered his interpretations of nocturnal sounds from insects (and animals), often using drum and cymbal taps, strikes and splashes.

                  But I think this album had a different sort of "bug" in mind - it actually took me a moment to get that. heh

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                  Pronunciation: (bug), [key]
                  —n., v., bugged, bug•ging.


                  .... 5. Informal.
                  a. a person who has a great enthusiasm for something; fan or hobbyist: a hi-fi bug.