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    I've always loved album art and CD's and internet streaming are killing it off. Meanwhile our beloved LP's are hidden in shelving and seldom see the light of day. What a waste. So I made rails out of acrylic to display them. As an added benefit, they make excellent sidewall diffusers to improve the room acoustics.

    Click image for larger version

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    The display over my turntable is used to show what's playing now.

    Click image for larger version

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    The display near my room entrance shows off my current trophy LP's as well as box set books (since I don't have a coffee table to display them in my dedicated music room). LP's, box sets and books easily slide off the rails. I constantly exchange the LP's on display to keep it interesting. The hanging ledge on the rails prevents LP's from falling off and being damaged.
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    Nice. I once gave my daughter a framed Beatle's Help album cover since that was her favorite movie growing up. And I still have a copy of this coffee table book which is the next best thing:

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      A lot of people does this. I understand the mo ... but I still don´t understand WHY?
      I think it´s bit geeky and I´m actually quite put of by it.


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        Super nice room, Joe. My compliments on the impeccable audio salon. I don't see any windows, however. Is this a converted basement/garage space? Also: is the room carpeted? Wondering if the floor might produce echo or be too lively. It's obvious that you're thinking about and doing room treatments, but I'm curious about the floor issue.

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        I think it looks great. Even the pictures of these wonderful albums pn display bring out emotions. I much prefer this to mere framing of covers. Here they are displayed as you play them and they can be rotated. It also allows you to keep the record in the album cover.

        The display is great - you made it yourself?


        • Joe Pittman
          Joe Pittman commented
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          I use a couple of local acrylic fabricators to make things for me. Later this year I plan to have one of them build a custom record storage unit with bins on top.