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  • Important issue - please read

    (Please note, I cleared this with Myles before posting it. If you feel it is inappropriate just please ignore it).

    The following link is to a GoFundMe page opened up by our niece on behalf of her father (my wife's younger brother). He lived with us for about seven years, and had recently moved back to Mexico to live with his mother. The issue described in the GoFundMe page has cost the family on all sides thousands of dollars so far, as in Mexico, non-insured expenses must be paid up front. Every surgery, medicine or treatment has been put on someone's credit card or come out of someone saving account. We are currently covering the monthly bill on the seven-day-a-week in home nurse needed to take care of him. My wife already spent five weeks (using up all her available vacation and sick time at her job) at her mother's home taking care of whatever needed to be done. We are spreading the word on this over all our online outlets.

    Dear friends and family, We have started this page to help my dear father Omar with hi… Carissa Perez needs your support for Omar Perez Medical Recovery Fund

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