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  • Members in South Florida?

    Couple of quick questions for any members here from south Florida, especially near Fort Lauderdale, Plantation or Pompano Beach.

    1. My son is in Pompano Beach. I shipped his system to him and he thinks it might have been damaged in shipment, as he says it sounds all muffled (my wife was there last week and concurred). Wondering if anyone knows a place out there could quickly check his speakers out. Don't need any technical evaluation, just hooking them up to a system to see if the tweeters got damaged in shipment? The are small and lightweight (Direct Acoustics Silent Speakers). Not looking to get them repaired, as if they are damaged, I will probably just ship him something else.

    2. I will be out there visiting in April (from the 6th through the 15th). Thought it might be nice to meet up with some of the members here and play a few tunes! Let me know if you are interested.
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