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  • Where do you put your behind?

    When you're listening to music that is.
    I drag out this 100 year old armchair I've inherited from my grandma.
    I consider it a part of my system.
    Push it to the side when I'm not listening so I can use the sofa instead.
    Click image for larger version

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    I like this thread Per. Here's a new Italian made chair, waited 7 months for two. Built for small people. That's me and my wife. I had a sofa on which to lie down in our last place when listening on headphones. That piece of furniture is now in another room and we have a new Italian leather sofa. My spouse won't let me lie down on it so I now use this chair for phone listening too.
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      you need an ottoman
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      If you thought you'd put this topic behind you, you probably did:

      Listening Chairs

      Listening Chair, Part Deux


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        I have a simple bobs couch with two recliners one for each side. Three can sit comfy. Every time I see a single seat it reminds of how sick we are as a collective to be alone playing our stuff that cost a fortune. It's like owning a race car and you have your own track in your back yard so no one sees you lol. My maid sees and hears my setup
        and that's about it.
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