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MSN Canada removes the ability to comment

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  • MSN Canada removes the ability to comment

    I have MSN Canada set as my homepage. Up until yesterday users had the ability to comment via their Facebook account on the majority of articles they linked to.

    This is the notice that's now posted at the end of every article:

    MSN has temporarily removed commenting on our websites while we explore better ways for you to engage in discussion on the issues you care about.
    Frankly I wasn't surprised they did this. The comments were becoming increasingly more vitriolic and worse. Some of the reaction to my comments have included personal threats and wishes for my demise. I'm not personally bothered or concerned about this, but I have no doubt many others who have received those kinds of abhorrible responses do worry about it.

    I miss the opportunity to engage in the issues I care about, but I completely understand the decision MSN Canada took.

    There is a workaround to all of this as items posted on MSN via the Facebook feeds are open to comment. Sadly the vitriol continues there and I wonder if soon Facebook will not allow the ability to comment.
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    Seems to be a serious illness going round the world doesn't it?
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    I have seen a lot of hate, massive bullying and if you watch the news even murder on some of these social sites. Yes it's an illness and it sure gives the real cowards in life a platform to preach their hate and institute their bully tactics on others. Yep thank the internet for that. A place that once provided a platfrom to "learn things" now also gives into the era of violence and hate on a global scale.
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      You even see it with the sports content. Was f'ugly when the PK Subban/Shea Weber trade was announced.

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    Get off the Net. Do community oriented stuff. Fuck the "news." (or at least read ZeroHedge if you want to go full throttle).
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      Easier said than done for this news junkie. I'm not always active on the pages I follow, athough to some it appears I am. I just don't close them or sign off. Still, I do spend too much time on the web.