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    A hack that manipulated the location of 20 ships in the Black Sea may be the first use of GPS spoofing, a form of cyberwarfare capable of widespread disruption
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Maybe this is why our Battleships keep crashing into cargo ships or vice versa?? It just really stumps the mind....What the hell are these guys doing that allows such accidents to occur?....I truly love our Military but it kinda makes them look like bafoons...Maybe it is cyberwarfare and if so, it is more than scary!..
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      Oh, well, back to the sextant and dead reckoning. We can employ countermeasures- Justin Bieber non-stop through their PA systems, and blame it on Canada.


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        snort !

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        I think that they tortured the terrorist at GITMO with Justin Bieber 24 hours a day, They all talked.

      • Bill Hart
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        I guess I should take this more seriously, b/c it is the way of the future in warfare. I read a book about the guys in 'Nam who flew against the SAMs the Russians supplied to the North early in the war. It was very crude electronics vs electronics and the pilots basically baited the missile set ups (fascinating in themselves how the Vietnamese adapted fixed location set ups into mobile set ups with multiple trucks and trailers). Once the missile was fired, the pilot would arc, bob and weave to lose the missile then, turn around, head straight into the location and target it. As the "game" ramped up, both sides got more sophisticated in their ability to detect and destroy each other using technology that was very crude by today's standards. Even the jets weren't really designed for this- they were high speed bombers flying very low.
        These days, it is geek v geek, with obvious consequences to more conventional forces. Got more on this, later.

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      One of my cruises at night and cloudy we came to about under 100 yards to a cargo ship on nearly a perpendicular angle. We were so close I could see his face and cigarette glowing
      he did not seem scared shitless like I was lol
      cyber war fair would be s good reason for so many monumental mess ups. What ever it is this most Likly will
      remain a secret when fixed. And only conspiracy theories will be left to ponder.
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        The price we as people of this world will pay for all due to the increase in technology and its applications and sadly some are for war. .
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