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Was This How Stonehenge and the Pyramids Were Built?

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  • Was This How Stonehenge and the Pyramids Were Built?

    Pretty nifty.
    📺 - Ancient History - A Man from Michigan shows a forgotten technology of how to move and lift giant stones by hand.I feel all those years at school were wasted being ...
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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    Simple but amazing .. that's why I love analog!


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      Totally insane. Defies the accepted wisdom that aliens built the pyramids 'n shit.
      The sequel: "Michigan Man Crushed by 19 Ton Block Attempting to Re-Create Stonehenge in Backyard."


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        The problem with this analogy is,
        The material that was used for the pyramids is not from that area it had to be brought in from many miles away, the blocks are cut and fitted with such precision that a piece of paper will not slide in between any of the joints ( somehow it is hard to imagine how that could have been accomplished with the tools of the day). Although leverage is very powerful, one can only use it to it's limitation, ( that is not moving 20,30 or 40 ton pillars 40 + ft in elevation and setting them with such precision). Then we have the mathematics that was used. The Golden Arch which is the height above and within the Golden Rectangle ( you can draw any amount of squares within this mathematical structure and not end up with any out of square space ).

        I think that there was maybe more at work here than Simple Leverage


        • Bill Hart
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          In other words, we're back to aliens....

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        In the business I hire riggers to move heavey objects it's pretty amazing to see what they do with little effort when set up correctly. As for the pyramids it was us and not aliens 👽 let's be honest aliens would be cool. Though.
        Keep in mind they had many years and many people and no tv or internet and no need to pay them lol.
        I do feel our planet was seeded in some way but again Bactria and viruses can come from space and be alive.
        From there it's nature evolving. I only wish we as a people would evolve into a kinder being.

        There re is an old true story of I think Galileo and his model of the then known solar system and who built it.
        Makes one ponder who made nature ?
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          People always underestimate what a few thousand slaves and unlimited time can do.


          The really interesting thing was the chemtrail link on the right of the video.
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            Beaur- it's when you see the helicopters that you've got to worry.

          • Beaur
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            Bill, You must be way behind the times! They don't use the black helicopters anymore. Predator drones are de rigour these days. You know you've made it when you have a drone tasked to follow you around all day.


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          I bought this guys DVD a few years ago always meant to look him up I have done a few jobs like this when we could not get a crane onto the site.


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            We have friends with an old farm in Eastern Pa. The structures are largely stone and wood. The barn had, over more than 100 years, shifted. They had a crew of Mennonites that specialized in some kind of leveraged movement of this massive structure to get it re- aligned- sorry, I don't remember the details or how they did it, but saw pictures of large pieces of timber be used in the process. I don't think they were anywhere near Egypt at the relevant time, though.


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              It seems that he is using small stones to act as a bearing when rotating the blocks. With the surfaces spread apart it reduces friction and the force needed.


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                How does he get the tiny stone under the center of the massive block?
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                  Small fingers?

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                deleted duplicate post.
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