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  • For Our California Foodies!

    Did you know there are restaurants here in SoCal that are over 100 years old? Check out these 10 spots in SoCal that are full of history and full of flavor.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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    I can't say I have eaten in any of these places Myles but I'll print out a list and keep it in my auto glove compartment.
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      the subject was "oldest" not best known. Some of the most famous 'institutions' in LA were absent because to they're too 'new' like 60-70 years young. I've been going to some of these joints for 40+ years:

      1) El Tepeyac Cafe - East LA
      2) Original Pantry Cafe - downtown
      3) Pink's Hotdogs - Fairfax/mid sites
      4) Philippe The Original - Chinatown
      5) The Apple Pan - West LA
      6) Tommy's Original World Famous Hamburgers - Beverley & Rampart (1st store)
      6) Langer's - LA
      7) Canter's Deli - Fairfax district
      8) Nate 'n Al's - Beverly Hills
      9) Clifton's Cafeteria - Historic downtown
      10) Dan Tana's - West Hollywood


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        Old not best you got that one right the number 1 on the list looked ok some of the rest wow I see why America is the land of the brave.


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          I love the food truck scene out in Cali! There's a food truck fest here in Jersey this or next weekend. But too busy to go.
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            Originally posted by allenh View Post
            I love the food truck scene out in Cali! There's a food truck fest here in Jersey this or next weekend. But too busy to go.
            food trucks have become incubators for restaurant concepts popping up all over town apparently it has infected the rest of the country. before there was a Roy Choi (aka Kogi BBQ Taco truck) we called them 'roach coaches.' My issue is they now all think $20-25 is reasonable for a 'quick bite' with no where to sit on a busy street sharing the sidewalk with pan handlers, streetwalkers, you name it.