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  • Strawberry Pie

    It’s Spring folks, although you wouldn’t know it in some places. Newfoundland got hit with two blizzards in a row dumping 60+cm of the white stuff each time.

    Under normal circumstances though Spring is a time whereby once again fresh fruits start to become abundant at your local market and outdoor stands will soon take up weekend space in parking lots all over your city.

    I was at Costco a few days ago and picked up a 2lb pack of fresh strawberries that looked gorgeous, and they were. I immediately had visions of a fresh strawberry pie.

    Since I was only making one I decided to use a Tenderflake frozen pie crust, which I obviously thawed first. I blind-baked it for 20 minutes at 375°F lining the shell with aluminium foil and dried beans for weight. I then removed the foil and beans and baked it for another 15 minutes at the same temperature. It was now fully cooked and had a lovely golden brown colour to it.

    In the meantime I cleaned the strawberries and cut each one in half and set them aside. I then proceeded to make the gelatin filling/sauce using a packet of raspberry-flavoured Jell-O.

    Over a medium stovetop setting I heated some sugar (¾ cup), cornstarch (2 Tbsps) and 1 cup of water until it started to thicken. I then removed it from the burner and mixed in the raspberry Jell-O powder and let that cool to room temperature.

    Once the pie shell and gelatin mixture was cooled I started assembly. I layered the bottom of the pie shell with the halved strawberries and poured/spread some of the gelatin mix over it. I repeated this for the second layer. I let it sit for a bit to make sure the gelatin mix got into every little crevice, which it did and there was no need to add more. It then went into the fridge to have the pie set properly.

    Here’s the result:

    Some whipped cream is always on standby as well.

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    Your killing me! Looks great.
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      OMG, that looks tasty. It's also a work of art!
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        Nice work. Speaking of pies. Here's the best song ever written on the subject, brilliantly performed by Patty Griffin.
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