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    I ducked out of the office this is afternoon to catch City of Gold, a documentary about Pulitzer prize winning food writer for the LA Times, Johnathan Gold. Its currently in limited release playing at small art house theaters around the country.

    The film is as much about LA, its diversity and the many ethnic enclaves that make up our food scene as it is about JG himself. If you're a foodie or know anything about JG and his now famous top 101 LA restaurants guide its worth watching. If you've only been to LA for business or a very limited tour of the city, again its explains a lot. If you've never been here and think the place is overrun with dreamers wanting to break into entertainment (Brad Pitt and Kardashian wannabees) think again. City of Gold is more akin to a glimpse into the future of every major metropolis the world over that's experiencing mass immigration from all corners of the world, as seen through their city's food scene. 3 outta 5 stars, 4 stars if you're from LA.

    In Theaters March 11th, 2016Starring: Jonathan GoldIn this richly penetrating documentary odyssey, Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold shows us ...
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