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  • Benefits of Exercise!

    (Reuters Health) - Even if they were inactive during their younger years, middle aged and older adults who get at least the minimum recommended amount of exercise each week may live longer than their sedentary counterparts, suggests a large UK study.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    I'm not interested in living forever, but want quality of life. I've found that exercise is energizing, puts bounce in my step, clears my head, is a great stress reliever, and elevates my mood. All good. Only downside here is that it is so fucking hot in the summer, I can't walk outside and hate treadmills. I like the 'speedboard' thing-- those non-motorized 'treadmills' that require you to power them and require balance. But, i can get cardio other ways. And if I do activities outside in the heat, it totally kicks my ass. Figure when temp is a hunnert, it don't matter the humidity; but when it gets humid, it is intolerable. Air conditioning is not a luxury.


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      Thats why analog rules get up change the record and repeat we will out live the tape and digital guys for sure.


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        Exercise even in small doses improves your disposition at the very least. It improves your yearly physical numbers even by small amounts. I ran for 20 years and I have been on a bicycle for 25 years. At 68 my riding has been reduced to two days per week mostly two hours each time with a long walk on the third day in the week. My weight has been the same for 25 years. Just had my yearly physical. Every single number in my bloodwork is smack in the middle of normal parameters. This doesn’t mean I have been able to escape all forms of medication. I take two meds for blood pressure, one for cholesterol, and one for my pee pee. But minimal doses for all. Exercise, good genetics, and a little modern medicine has meant a lot. I eat what I want but in moderation. I have never dieted. My biggest weakness is ice cream. It could be Ken Gs barbecue but I only get that once a year.
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          Ken's pork ribs were the best I've ever eaten. And I live in a place now that is considered BBQ central. The man rocks it.

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          For sure Bill. Several friends were over recently and had a new rub he uses on his brisket and they went wild for it.

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        this is why 2 disc 45 rpm sets are good for you, 3 side changes instead of only one....
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          Hey let’s go back to 78s. Those shellacks were HEAVY!