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How much water do you do drink a day?

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  • How much water do you do drink a day?

    I don't know the exact amount, but I drink quite a bit of water every day. Anybody know the recommended amount and how much do you drink?
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    Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
    I don't know the exact amount, but I drink quite a bit of water every day. Anybody know the recommended amount and how much do you drink?
    See post #11

    As I said, that is general rule of thumb. Actual amount depends on activity and where you live.
    what water do you guys drink. When out anything in bottles or tap. But in homes it's a reverse osmosis filter setup. Funny thing is down south it's a well and
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      For me I do 3 32 oz juices alone then many glasses of water. The tough part is finding bathrooms
      this morning I did morning thing that is almost two 32 oz drinks
      I only had to drive to forest hills farmers market. In 15 mins. I wa lucky to make it to A dinner .
      Yet my scale stays at about 47 %. My care taker says I need some salt in my diet to retain some water. She feels it goes in and out too fast.
      But some vegtibles have salt but she feels it's not enough. Let's see this week I use sea salt or that pink salt.
      Myles what do you think ?
      i don't use reading glasses much and how much water i drink effects vision big time
      i foujd this out when I had my eyes lasered some 20
      years ago
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