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Samsung Reinvents The Flip Phone

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  • Samsung Reinvents The Flip Phone

    Some may have sticker shock though.

    Anyone thinking about buying one?
    Samsung's Galaxy Fold foldable device costs roughly twice as much as the premium smartphones on the market.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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    I am so ready for this. (not).
    My favorite phone was a Motorola from around 2000, it was tiny, small, guess they were still analog- not that I'm saying it sounded better or used vacuum tubes or the like. But, did I say it was tiny? You could put it in a pants or shirt pocket and not know it was there.
    But, those were the halcyon days before everybody had email, text, photos, tweets, twerks, watching Lawrence of Arabia in Widescreen on your phone 'n shit.
    Just a simple, stupid, dumb phone.
    I know some people live via the phones, do business on them, etc.
    I find the whole tactile experience, virtual keyboards, and the clutter of bloatware- yeah, I'm gonna record a band and need a suite of recording studio tools on my phone--ah, unnecessary?
    I remember a friend getting one of those very expensive satellite phones as a gift- he was going to do a 'round the world driving event. Where they literally drove around the world (except for oceans, where the cars were airlifted in these huge ex-Soviet freight planes). He needed it because, if you are driving through Mongolia, I guess you might want to check restaurant reviews for a quick bite? Dunno. Color me jaded.
    I had a client that absolutely refused to have one. He had an assistant who carried a phone. If it was important, she told him.
    Good security too, i guess, sorta.
    Anyway, I'm gonna sign off now and go back into my Faraday cage so the waves don't get me.


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      Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
      Some may have sticker shock though.

      Anyone thinking about buying one?

      comparing it to buying Hi-End audio gear it might be a bargain!