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The Internet, Privacy and Outer Space

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    Originally posted by Alrainbow View Post
    I do beleave your correct we are watched and at this point watched by many many spices bit private , companies and of course our government and by private I mean hackers.
    While I feel it needs to stop we have little to do anything about. Look at termimits who the hell aloowed this lol.
    Our elected clowns are all in bed with this and many other facets of selling us to whom ever pays them. Why are a refried been of sorts. Not to be political but I voted for trump to partially destroy some government dynasties the jury is out on that so far. But he sures drives both sides and the media crazy. The greatest show on earth on steroids hahahahha.
    I'm less worried about the outlaws than I am the "legitimate" outfits-- outlaws wearing suits, and with the power of the law behind them. I used to be a news junkie. I'm sort of off the grid, I check stuff periodically, but I'd rather read the UK Daily Mail or Zero Hedge than any "legitimate" "news" outlet. I used to love World Weekly News and the regular column by Ed Anger-- it was so over the top you couldn't help but laugh. According to Wikipedia (guess who runs that, huh?): "The Economist described Anger's opinions as "so vitriolically right-wing that [they] possibly came from the left":
    Anger hated foreigners, yoga, whales, speed limits and pineapple on pizza; he liked flogging, electrocutions and beer."

    At least it was amusing.

    I do not endorse the above views.


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      On my sat and phone I play BBC news while it too is a bit skewed and nothing compared to our news organizations.
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