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    The 1060 is a terrific amp. Tons of power and low end control. VS an 845 though, they are very different animals. The 1060 is very neutral and will give you back exactly what it receives. So, unforgiving of poor or lesser recordings. I certainly would be happy to have a 1060 or an 1160 in my system and likely never worry about amplification again. OTOH, I do love my tube gear for what it is. Two sides of the audio coin here for me. Both have their place and charm.

  • Kingrex
    Thanks. I am leaning to holding off on the SS move and working on Biamping my speakers with tubes for, shall I say real magic. But I am going to hit a point where I want special and no hassle. And I know my wife likes guts and power. Maybe at the time the 1160 will be the deal. Of course the 1260 will mean the 1160 is chump.
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